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iPonder the iPad “OUT OF THE BOX” by Cris Guenter With the many art apps available for the iPad, how do you know which ones to choose? In each column, Cris Guenter will review an app appropriate for art education or an iPad accessory. Cris will be highlighting key features and sharing useful tips, all to help you as make your art app choices. T he iPad offers opportunities for learning, access to tools that may otherwise not exist, and a chance to connect information that is developed digitally with real-world creations. As a teacher of teachers I do want to know how the iPad can help all students and educators, particularly those involved in art education. The app, Drawing Box, is offered in both free and paid ($1.99) versions for the iPad. If you pay, you’re getting your money’s worth. There’s also a mobile version for the iPhone. >> DRAWING BOX Nguyen Tan Hon-Hu Drawing Box is an award-winning app that continues to impress me. It is In Drawing Box you can use the medicine dropper to select a color or you can choose selected limited palette colors for pastel, oil, cool, warm, night, sky/earth and more. Or, for the younger set, you simply click on a color tube of paint that appeals to you. used by young children and old folks alike. It is the first one I recommend to educators for use with pre-school, primar y and elementar y students. Its tools and choices are applicable for beginners. There are tools that allow you to make quick, gestural drawings or more detailed, sophisticated renderings. One feature that is extremely useful is the ability to “replay” your drawing or painting stroke-by-stroke within the app or export it in MP4 video format for personal sharing or directly publishing it to YouTube or Flickr. Imagine being able to capture your demonstration of a drawing technique or color blending approach and then having it available for students to review as needed. This app also includes drawing lessons (free and as inapp purchases), a color wheel and a color selector. You can impor t or take photos for use as stickers that can be manipulated or as a background for drawing or painting. This app is good for anyone—student or teacher—who wants to explore drawing and painting possibilities on the iPad. n Dr. Cris Guenter is a graduate coordinator in the School of Education of California State University, Chico, and serves on the Editorial Advisory Board of Arts & Activities. Our magazine brings you . successful K–12 lesson plans developed by art teachers from around the nation. We share with you their best classroom-tested, art-teaching experiences and ideas. Tap into this valuable resource . subscribe to ARTS & ACTIVITIES today! Topics include. for issues .95 $24 ONLY d $20 tions, ad subscrip ge foreign for posta per year 10 • art history • textures & fibers • drawing • paper & collage • painting • sculpture • printmaking • sculpture • and more . Visit us at: or call toll free: 866.278.7678 (Mon. – Fri. 9am–3pm Pacific Time) 10 november 2012 • 80 YEARS x

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