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he focus of “Endangered Species: Real Life in Two Dimensions” is to create awareness about a critical environmental issue. There is a special urgency to this project because large numbers of animal species are currently endangered or on the brink of extinction. In addition to being enlightened about this important topic through research, students re-create the beauty of a variety of creatures in their environments through the use of photocollage and value-scale cutouts. Additionally, this standards-based art project develops students’ artistic perception, awareness of the historical and cultural context of art, and promotes their skills in aesthetic valuing. SUBJECT MATTER Our class focused on the continent of North America from which to choose endangered creatures. To assure a range of species within our class of 30, I asked each student to sound off one letter of the alphabet, repeating from the beginning when they reached the letter Z. Then, beginning with their letter, T students used the Internet to locate three possible endangered species, looking at either popular or scientific names for the animals. After consulting with me, students then selected one of their three possible choices, along with reference photographs, best suited for the assigned elements and principles of design. COMPOSITION Several strategies were used to create the cut-paper compositions. Students worked from a single photograph or a composite of different photos to include a variety of shapes that identified an animal (foreground) and its environment (background). Students either simplified or added to their photo Traced line drawing made from photo composite. Line drawing over photo composite. Enda Real Life lEaRNINg OBJECTIVES High-school students will . • • • • become aware of endangered species by creating a cut-paper composition. develop their artistic perception. become aware of the historical and cultural context of art. develop their skills in aesthetic valuing. MaTERIalS • • • Paper and pencils Construction paper Internet and other research tools NaTIONal STaNdaRdS • • Understand and apply media, techniques and processes. Choose and evaluate a range of subject matter, symbols, and ideas. “Woodland Caribou,” by Chasen. Cut construction paper; 4" x 6". 30 october 2012 • 80 YEARS x

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