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SpECiAL ADVErTiSiNG SECTiON aMaCO/brent AMACo® made the first children’s modeling clay in the United states in 1919. For over 90 years, art teachers have trusted AMACo craft clays, modeling materials, low and high fire clay and glazes, underglazes, electric kilns, brent® potter’s wheels, and brent equipment. arts & activities Back issues Want even more classroom-tested lesson plans for your art students? Complement your Arts & Activities subscription with back copies of the magazine! on the hunt for clay projects? Check out our February issues. Looking for painting and composition ideas? April is when they are the focus. order online for only $6 per copy, including postage. (800) 374-1600 Blick essentials Colored Pencils ideal for art classes or classrooms, Blick Essentials Colored Pencils are economical, too—with no compromise in quality! smooth, break-resistant 3.3mm cores are great for drawing, coloring, and blending. Artists of all ages love the bold colors. Choose sets of 12, 24, or a class pack of 240. nontoxic. Chavant, inc. since 1982, Chavant has produced a wide variety of professional grade, oil based, plastelines. Please order a sample kit and evaluate these superior quality clays and tools. skilled sculptors agree—the fine art of sculpture begins with the finest clay! (800) 447-8192 (800) Chavant Chicago Canvas & supply Chicago Canvas & supply stocks a complete line of wide seamless canvas and muslin, Duvetyn, Commando Cloth, theatrical gauze, velour, sharkstooth scrim, leno scrim, gaffers tape, scenic supplies, primed canvas, gesso and Deka dyes. Fabrication available. Curtain track and hardware for moveable curtains and backdrops. Easily installed. (773) 478-5700 Crystal Productions Crystal’s new interactive programs, featuring Elements of Art and Principles of Design. • Ideal for whole class or for centered learning. • Standards-aligned digital content for grades 4 and up. • Interactive lesson plans with video examples and printable worksheets. • Use with any PC or MAC computer, any whiteboard or any projector. (800) 255-8629 marketplace Debcor, inc. “no WoBBLE” ART & ACTiViTY TABLEs. Debcor’s heavy-duty Art & Activity Tables with large work surface are ideal for grouping students. spacious 60" x 42" tops have scratch, stain, and liquid-resistant laminate surface. Easy to assemble, steel base has height-adjustable legs. Tough PVC or “armor” edges. send for a free catalog. Phone: (708) 333-2191 Fax: (708) 333-2245 Midwest Products Midwest’s Educational Products will spark your students’ interest in learning some of the fundamental principles of physics. Whether they are working to understand the dynamics of flight with our Delta Dart Kits or the basics of architecture with one of our structures Kits, these products are sure to get your kids excited. (800) 348-3497 34 x 80 years • may 2013

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