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REVIEWS continued from page 5 n Go green with green electrical boxes n Go green with less energy consumption using 3” brick which provides extra insulation for more efficient firings n Go green with more green in your pocket when you save dollars & energy with Olympic’s Medallion Artist Series n Go green with high fire cone 10 kilns n Go green with choices. Select from six models – MAS1818HE, MAS1823HE, MAS2323HE, MAS2327HE, MAS2823HE & MAS2827HE n Go green, equipping your kiln with an electronic controller for convenient, precise firings. me dalli is t ser Building the Finest Kilns for Your Creative Spirit! Phone (800) 241-4400 • (770) 967-4009 they’ll find the book helpful. Geoff Taylor is clearly qualified to write such a book and he sprinkles in many images by other brilliant artists, too. In four value-packed chapters, he shows readers how to plan and render compositions with both sketching techniques and digital methods. Beginning with the basics of gathering ideas and collecting reference images and tools, he briefly touches on anatomy, perspective and color theory. Sequential step-outs demonstrate how to depict characters, vehicles, interiors and exterior panoramas. Each lesson includes an Idea File sidebar that offers special tips and useful hints. Additionally, interpretations of desert and jungle scenes and creatures are included.–P. G. on ies art THE ARTIST’S GUIdE: How to Make a Living doing What You Love (2009; $17.95), by Jackie Battenfield. Da Capo Press. “Success isn’t something that happens to you, it’s something you create.” That quote, not by the author, but by artist Joanne Mattera, is one of many valuable statements and essential advice found in this empowering sourcebook. Author Battenfield is more than qualified, writing from experience as an artist, gallery director, lecturer and seminar organizer. Her extensive book (380 pages) is teeming with techniques and processes for navigating the art world. She explodes the myths and solves the mysteries for struggling artists. Learn how to employ practical tools, manage an art business and sustain a career. Battenfield tells it like it is: Most artists make a living from a variety of sources, not solely from art sales. She is proactive about establishing a platform and creating one’s own opportunities to move an art career forward. If you’re a visual artist and/or teach career development at the university or college level, this book is for you. High school counselors and art teachers would also find it useful. Institutions may order in bulk at special discounts.–P.G. 2012 WEEKEND, ONE-WEEK AND TWO-WEEK WORKSHOPS Spring l Summer l Fall WWW.ARROWMONT.ORG Removes Wet and Dry Oil Paint plus acrylics, alkyds, watercolor, gouache, stains, and more! Water makes it work - no messy solvents! NON TOXIC MADE IN THE USA x 10 may 2012

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