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M Lisa anne Jon y advanced drawing class was made up of several juniors, but mainly seniors. Most had taken the required beginning drawing class and the earlier prerequisite courses: Art Introduction I and II. Every year, I focused on the human figure. We drew from life and from my resident skeleton. (Yes, he had his own closet.) We reviewed elementary drawing techniques, and the students’ abilities were challenged daily with techniques and exercises. I rarely repeated an actual assignment, but I did repeat concepts. For example, I addressed chiaroscuro, but changed the subject or medium. I also challenged my students with realism through rendering techniques—sometimes in ink, graphite, charcoal or a color medium. I always completed a self-portrait in either the beginning or advanced drawing class. It’s a unique way of journaling visually. I especially liked it when the kids had experimented with hairstyles, clothing or unusual hair colors, which their drawings faithfully chronicled. The actual assignment this particular time was to create a self-portrait by Geri Greenman 18 march 2013 • 80 years > > > x

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