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A by Debi West LEARNING OBJECTIVES Third-grade students will . “P & Q” ~ Picasso Paper Quilt playing. Many of the students even titled their art with a song to go with the musical instruments depicted in their artworks! When students selected Boy in the Sailor Suit, they did a Cubistic selfportrait and dressed their image in a similarly patterned sailor suit. They could put whatever object they wanted in their art, as opposed to the butterfly net and butterflies found in Picasso’s original. The student images took on a whimsical, fun look, while each one was unique and original based on the student artist’s likes! And finally, the students who selected Girl Before the Mirror had the oppor tunity to reflect on what they wanted to be when they grew up. For example, the Cubistic image became a self-por trait of them in the present day, while the image of them looking in the mirror became a reflection of who or what they would become in the future. These images were beautiful with patterned backgrounds and, most impor tantly, a deep connection with self. Once all of these images were complete, my students did a stitching lesson by matting the art onto a colored piece of 7" x 7" construction paper, and then hole punching the edges and whip stitching them with colored raffia. The final individual pieces were beautiful, and students were not only excited about their results, they also learned so much! Finally, we took all of the individual ar t and glued it onto a large piece of butcher paper to create a large, collaborative paper quilt. The results were outstanding! The school loved the quilts, the students had complete ownership over them, and the lear ning that took place was multilayered. Picasso would be proud of his inspired paper quilts. n Debi West, Ed.S., NBCT, is the Lead Art Educator at North Gwinnett High School in Suwanee, Ga., and is a Contributing Editor for Arts & Activities. march 2010 • thinkabouttheartofPabloPicasso, specifically his Three Musicians, Boy in the Sailor Suit with Butterfly Net and Girl Before the Mirror. • workcollaborativelyonaproject. • learnabouttheartofself. • learnaboutCubism. • learnsimplestitchingtechniques. MATERIALS • • • • • • • • • • • 6"x6"whitedrawingpaper Permanentmarkers Mr.Sketchscentedmarkers Oilpastels Picassoprints Coloredpencils 7"x7"coloredpaper Holepunch Raffia Butcherpaper Glue The following lesson plans are available at K–Grade 1: Texture and Unity Collages Grade 2: Stella Sculptures Grade 4: Rauschenberg Collages Grade 5: Van Gogh Visualizing LETTERS: R - S - T - U - V Go to for the link to additional “Alpha Art” lesson plans for other grade levels. s I continued working through my Alpha Ar t yearlong curriculum, I realized I would sometimes need to combine a few of the letters, so for the next lesson I combined the letters P and Q. I love using Picasso’s many art styles as an inspiration for my students, and I also love having my students create paper mural “quilts,” so it seemed appropriate to have my thirdgraders create a Picasso Paper Quilt! The students loved learning about Picasso individually and watching as their art became a part of a collaborative paper quilt! I began this unit by selecting several of my favorite Picasso pieces, specifically Three Musicians, Boy in the Sailor Suit with Butterfly Net and Girl Before the Mirror. As I shared these Cubistic artworks with my students, I had them really look at the lines, shapes and colors. Each of the classes then got to select which artwork they were most excited about, which would then serve as a springboard for creating a piece of their own art. Each student artwork was done on a 6" x 6" white paper square. Permanent markers were used for the outline, then markers, colored pencils and oil pastels were used to color in, add value and blend. I found that by having my students look at Three Musicians, they could select their friends to be in the image along with them, and select the musical instruments they wanted to be The collaborative “Quilt” was made out of individual Picasso-inspired student work on 6" x 6" squares of colored paper. 16 x

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