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ARCHITECTURE in the ART ROOM The Mosque n December 2010 and the early months of 2011, the world watched events taking place in the Middle East and Nor th Africa. In what has become known as the “Arab Spring,” Tunisia and Egypt were evolving into free democratic countries, while citizens of a number of other Muslim states were demanding a greater stake in free governance of their lives, with democracy being the prize goal. For much of my teaching career, cultural diversity has been at the center of Ellie Project and students in schools, civic centers, summer camps, kibbutz—even bomb shelters—often requiring interpreters. The Bible, the Quran and the Torah all represent cultures whose ranks are considered to be “People of the Book.” I my curriculum and planning. During the late 1980s and early ‘90s, I spent time in the Middle East teaching peace and tolerance through the visual arts. In Israel I worked with Christian, Jewish and Islamic teachers ASPECTS OF ISLAMIC ARCHITECTURE Mosque/Masjid: A meeting place for community Mihrab: An architectural alcove or niche that faces the direction of Mecca, the focal point in all mosques Mecca: the most holy site, with sacred buildings and monuments, located in saudi Arabia Minaret: A tower for holding the Muezzin, the person who calls the faithful to prayer five times a day Kaaba: the most sacred site in Islam, located in the Al-haram Mosque in Mecca. the cubeshaped structure is said to have been built by Abraham and his son Ishmael. Minbar: Pulpit in a Mosque, often created with precious woods or stone with great detail taken in their construction. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Upper-elementary students will . • • • • study Islamic architecture and art, both past and present. focus on mosques and the function of their specific aspects that support the Islamic religion with the aid of pictures of Islamic architecture. draw selected segments of mosques, which eventually come together as a collective, collaborative whole. learn about the basic tenets of Islam. VOCABULARY background balance Contrast Floating images Foreground harmony Middle ground Overlapping 20 januar y 2013 • 80 YEARS x

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