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“I” ~ Impressions of Impressionism by Debi West LEARNING OBJECTIVES Kindergarten students will . • • • learn about the great Impressionistic painter, Claude Monet. learn to paint fuzzy (up-and-down strokes) while mixing tints. learn to color layer with oil pastel. MATERIALS • • • • • • • • • White drawing paper Pencil Blue tempera paint White acrylic paint Paintbrushes 8.5" x 11" photocopy paper Oil pastels Scissors and glue Prints of Monet’s water lilies RHYTHM-ONG Monet was a man, an artsy kind of guy; He painted the water, the wind and the sky! Im-pre-ssion-ism is what it’s called; He was paintin’ kind of fuzzy and havin’ a ball! © Debi West The following lesson plans are available at Grade Grade Grade Grade 1: Kool Kats with Klee 2: Kandinsky Kreations 3: Jasper Johns Collages 4–5: Line Mural LETTERS: J - K - L K indergarten artists—you’ve gotta love ’em! There is a kind of magic in the air when your little ones are standing at the ar t-room door with grins stretching ear to ear, knowing they will have the oppor tunity to make ar t, sing about ar t and learn about ar t in a safe environment! It might be one of my favorite classes to teach! As I taught my “Alpha Art” curriculum, I really enjoyed designing lessons that would be appropriate for my Kindergarteners, while still making sure they were learning about art histor y and mastering fun and important art techniques. The letter “I” took us to the world of the Impressionists, especially the world of Claude Monet! Students walked in the art room and saw images of Monet’s art all over the walls and ceiling. The “oohs and ahhs” were abundant, and students were imme- In this lesson, children learn about art history while having fun diately interested in and mastering important art techniques. this exciting world! I shared with them the book Monet by the day—large ones, small ones, fat ones, Mike Venezia (Children’s Press; 1990). skinny ones and very, very colorful ones. I find that starting my Kindergarteners Once each child made at least five, they out with a quick book really gets them cut them out. I always have my students ready to create! cut around the line as opposed to on the Once they had some background line; that way they don’t cut their own art. information about Monet and his life, There is a definite skill to teaching your they were ready to make ar t. On little ones to cut appropriately, and it’s day one, I walked them through the so great for their fine-motor skills. They “fuzzy painting” technique, which then wrote their names on the back of would create the background to each lily pad. their own lily-pad ar tworks. I demonOn day three, we put all of the art strated how the Impressionist brush together to create our own Monet didn’t paint in the traditional way; Water Garden! Students were taught instead the brush becomes a sor t of how to glue the lily pads down to their kangaroo and literally hops up and painted backgrounds, and then we down on the paper. hung them all together to create a I also shared with my kiddos the large wall of Kindergarten Lily Pads! magic of mixing paint and adding tints I showed the kids images of Monet’s to a color to make a new color. So each large-scale lily pads, as seen at the table had blue and white paint set out, Museum of Modern Art in New York. and students then added a bit of both They were so excited to see their art blue and white on their brush and become a part of something so large “hopped” to the painting technique, and spectacular! And, to celebrate the creating a fuzzy, Impressionistic-type successful completion of the project, background. They loved it and the the children enthusiastically sang the results were so beautiful! Monet Rhythm-ong. n On day two, students looked closely at the art of Monet’s lily pads. Another Debi West, Ed.S., NBCT, is the Lead Art great book for an in-depth look at his lily Educator at North Gwinnett High School pads is Linnea in Monet’s Garden by Cris- in Suwanee, Ga., and is a Contributing tina Bjork (R & S Books; 1987). Then, Editor for Arts & Activities. my students used oil pastels to blend Go to for the link to their own Impressionistic, fun lily pads. additional “Alpha Art” lesson plans for other grade levels. We had so many lily pads by the end of januar y 2010 18 x

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