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Winter Collages by Anne Deaver “Winter solstice,” Madi. “Notes from the Harbor,” Taelor. “Gems in Disguise,” alexandrya. sketches. Using an overhead projector, we studied several paintings of winter landscapes, focusing on artist Andrew Wyeth, to inspire and motivate. After thumbnails were approved, it was time to bring on the magazines— dozens of them. Students were to decide on a specific small shape to be repeated and glued onto their collages, clipped from magazine pages. Excitedly, the young artists began tearing beautiful blues, browns, whites and yellows from the photographs in them and clipping their shapes. Some even chose to incorporate clips that included text. The second phase of our winter-collage project was a lesson in painting trees. During wintertime, our school is surrounded by perfect, leafless winter trees, so we first observed them, then practiced painting several naked trees in black acrylic—fat trees, skinny trees, tall trees and short trees. Finally, when the collages were completed and dried, each young artist painted an odd number of black trees directly on top of the collage. The students were challenged, engaged and proud of their winter collages. My hope is that they all become more aware and appreciative of the artistic elements found right outside our door! n Anne Deaver teaches art at South Valley Junior High in Liberty, Mo. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Middle-school students will. > NATIONAL ART STANDARDS • • • • create an original magazine collage focusing on the principles/elements color, rhythm, space, contrast and unity. display foreground, middle ground and background in a wintry scene. identify and use appropriate scale relationships in a landscape work of art. draw and paint leafless trees using accurate proportion. • • • Understand and apply media, techniques, and processes. Use knowledge of structures and functions. Reflect upon and assess the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others. MATERIALS • • • Tagboard Pencils Glue, scissors • • x 80 years • februar y 2013 > Fine-tip paintbrushes, black acrylic paint Old magazines 11 a s first semester wound down with my talented group of eighth-grade artists, I envisioned a project that would allow students to immerse themselves in the beauty of their chilly winter surroundings. This lesson began with a discussion about scenes of the season. The students not only described winter scenes from our state of Missouri but from all over the United States. Students were quick to mention leafless trees and colors of white, blue and brown. Some even painted a visual image of the sun setting behind snowcapped mountains. Focusing on the design principles of rhythm, unity and composition, students were instructed to complete a series of landscape thumbnail >

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