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by Shelly Jubelirer ainting cityscapes is a great way to teach first-grade students about warm and cool colors. First, I define cityscape—the term “scape” actually comes from the word “scope,” like when looking through a telescope. I then ask my students questions about how cityscapes differ from landscapes or seascapes. Before our painting begins, we have an in-depth discussion about big cities and what types of buildings or structures that might be seen in them. We talk about large apartment and condo buildings, skyscrapers, art museums, libraries, shopping malls, bridges, towers, and so on. We also talk about the types of transportation people use to get around in cities, such as trains, subways, taxi- P cabs, buses, helicopters and cars. Next, we view several photographs of large cities around the world. Some of these include Henri Silberman’s ar twork, New York, New York, Sky Over Manhattan and Richard Cummins’ The City and River from the Michigan Bridge, Chicago, Illinois, USA. NOW THe PaINTING BeGINs The assignment for the first day is to paint two different cityscapes on 12" x 18" white construction paper. Children paint with long cotton swabs using black tempera paint. Their task is to paint only the outline of a cityscape, with no coloring. On day two, the concept of warm and cool colors is introduced. When introducing color, I use visuals from a mural painted on the wall of my classroom. Several years ago, former students, who were then in middle school, painted a number of masterpieces on one of the large artroom walls! I use this mural to show and discuss the warm colors Paul Gauguin used in his work, Two Women on the Beach, and the primar y use of cool colors in Van Gogh’s Bedroom in Arles. Children are made aware that artists use color to convey a certain feeling about their paintings, and that warm colors make objects appear closer, while cool colors make objects recede. Some students usually ask, “But what about black or Georgia 28 december 2012 • 80 years x

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