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Silk HoopS Art on by Deborah Padrick Iguana; grade 2. Cheetah in tree; grade 4. Giraffe; grade 3. students drew their outline designs within circles they traced on paper by using silk hoops as templates. LEARNING ObjECTIVES Primary and elementary students will . • • • understand foreground and background while creating an outline drawing to be used on a silk hoop. learn to use new materials, resists and dyes on silk. explore the movement of liquid colors on silk and create tints and blends. MATERIALS • • The process captures students’ attention and imagination, and they take great pride in their art accomplishments. • • paper, pencils, permanent black markers pre-stretched silk on 9-inch hoops permanent water-based resist Squeeze bottles, “nib tips” • • • Dye-Na-Flow liquid colors Brushes, water containers, plastic ice-cube trays (for use as palettes) Silk salt (optional) 14 december 2012 • 80 years x

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