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Self-Portraits and by Heather McCutcheon Bryan lEaRNINg ObjECTIVES High-school students will . • • • produce an artwork with Pop-art ideas and concepts. use materials such as tracing paper, tempera paint and markers. learn what Pop art looks like and be able to pick it out when looking at a variety of works. MaTERIalS • • • • Kaylyn he week before starting this project, I asked my studio art students to each bring in an object or picture of something that is currently popular in our culture. I also took a head shot of each student with a digital camera. I did not tell the students what we were going to do with the items or their photographs. The following week, class began with me showing the students my digital camera. We talked about the way digital cameras have changed our lives, and the impact they’ve had on culture, industr y and technology. We then talked about the pop-culture items—logos, photos of celebrities, video games, DVDs, cell phones, iPods, etc.—students had brought to class, spending about 40 minutes of the class discussing how materials in our culture change with their popularity. 18 T • • Digital camera (for teacher use) Computer, printer and printer paper Tracing paper and drawing paper Pencils, black fine-point permanent markers, variety of colored markers Paintbrushes and tempera paint Pop-culture items brought in by students NaTIONal aRT STaNDaRDS • • • • Courtney Understand and apply media, techniques and processes. Choose and evaluate a range of subject matter, symbols and ideas. Understand the visual arts in relation to history and cultures. Reflect upon and assess the characteristics and merits of their work and the work of others. Next, we talked about Pop art and viewed works of art by Pop artists, such as Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans and Marilyn Monroe, both from 1962. We compared and contrasted these artworks with the present-day pop-culture items students had brought in. BRAINSTORM! After discussing Pop art, I shared with the students the example artwork I had created. We talked about the steps I had taken to create it, starting with the photo of myself and transferring it to paper. With the process outlined, it was time for the students to see POPUlaR on page 34 april 2012 x

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